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Here are the other gleanings of our fertile minds; short stories, independent tales, whispers from the past. Read on, and enjoy more of the magical world of Middle Earth.

Select from the six story sections listed below. Each link opens to a new page.

Our writings are posted in MS Word format so that you may read on-line or save to your own computer to read later or print out.

Burping Troll Short Stories

A collection of short stories woven around our longer adventures. A highwayman attempts to rob the inn. Two elves lay to rest old misunderstandings. The Elven Rings pass into the west - and more.

New story added December 2007

A Day in the Life ~ A Story Collection

Sir Russ suggested that we write out how we spend a typical day at The Inn of the Burping Troll, with typical defined as a day without being attacked by anything larger than a mosquito. The suggestion was met with dropped jaws and outright astonishment, as we were fairly certain there had never been a "typical" day at the Troll. After much discussion, we determined that they did exist, though fewer and farther between than Sir Russ thought good for the general well being of the residents.

New story added June 2004

Holidays and Festivities

Stories written for high days and holidays: These first tales are of winter and the Yule celebrations. In hobbit tradition, Yule last for six days and involves a great deal of eating, drinking and fun. Come celebrate the season with the folks of The Burping Troll - Yule, Easter ...

New story added December 2005

Character Histories

The folk of the Burping Troll are of many races and people, finding their ways by varied paths to make their homes in the wilds of Ithilien. Whence do they come, and how? Here then are some of their stories.

New story added January 2003

The Lord of the Rings ~ Tales Untold

A collection of independent fiction which explores the half-told stories and behind the scenes, amidst Tolkien's 'The Lord of the Rings.' Superb and faithful writings of well-beloved characters such as Eomer, Legolas, Gimli, and Gilrean - mother of Aragorn.

New story added November 2005


Collections of vignettes based on Middle-earth ~ these very short stories reflect particular themes; the first series was written in response to Memorial Day.

New stories added February 2009

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