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A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life of Firnelin

Though they share a common past full of darkness, each of the six elven 'brothers' has their own peculiarities; Firnelin's passion is for hunting.

Date: June 2004 - Length: 5 pages

A Day in the Life of Erin

A Day in the Life of Erin the Hobbit: including busy kitchens, friendships and what strawberries really taste like.

Date: April 2003 - Length: 20 pages

A Day in the Life of Celebsul

What occupies the thoughts and dreams of one of the Eldar in Middle Earth and how does he distinguish each new day from the thousands that have gone before.

Date: March 2003 - Length: 10 pages

A Day in the Life of Gubbitch the Orc

Gubbitch and his small band of 'friendly' orcs muddle through a typical day (for them) in their own unruly and inimatable manner - little Titch gets big ideas, big Lugbac gets into trouble and Gubbitch gets philosophical. (Set just after Adventure 17: 'Bloodstone.') - If you don't understand a word see - Orc Talk ~ by Celebsul

Date: March 2003 - Length: 6 pages

A Day in the Life of Gilraen

Gilrean, the elf girl, is trying to avoid her chores, but the hobbits who hand them out are not so easy to avoid. And there is something else that she must attend to, as her brother reminds her.

Date: March 2003 - Length: 7 pages

A Day in the Life of Azaelia

The elvish couple Azaelia and Brillamen have been blessed with a lovely new baby girl, Tigerlily. When the child is brought visiting the kitchen of the Burping Troll, her friends are suprised by the rare gift she possesses. Based on the real-life arrival of the author's real-life Tigerlily!

Date: February 2003 - Length: 18 pages

A Day in the Life of Camellia and Milo

An eventful day for the betrothed hobbits, Camellia and Milo. They go off to gather rose hips but Milo gathers more - a deeper understanding of Camellia's past.

Date: January 2003 - Length: 13 pages

A Day in the Life of Sevilodorf

Sevilodorf goes to trade with the local rehabilitated orcs, accompanied by the lady Ranger Anoriath. While Sev is wise to their ways, Ani gets drawn into a game of chance. Just an ordinary day in the neighborhood - at least for the Burping Troll.

Date: December 2002 - Length: 13 pages

A Day in the Life of Pippin

Kitchen duty with hobbits, a girl and her horse, and tending bar gains a sweeter side. An ordinary day for Pippin the elf, full of gentle humour, friendship and romance.

Date: December 2002 - Length: 9 pages

A Day in the Life of Rilith
Rilith the elf is a solitary soul, sharing her time with her horse and sword-practice but few others. Yet the persistance of hobbits and bittersweet echoes of the past make this day not quite so ordinary.
Date: October 2002 - Length: 5 pages

A year after her arrival, Rilith spends a day reflecting on her life at The Burping Troll Inn.
Date: July 2003 ~ Length: 6 pages

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