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What is in your attic? Things from the past that you cannot bear to part with? Here are the first 'adventures' of our group, compiled from what started as light-hearted role-play. At the time we were learning the fun and craft of collaborative writing. The results were - well, often hilarious, spontaneous, madcap - come join our first forays into wild realms of adventure. Just remember ... anything goes.

A Note about The Burping Troll Adventurers

Our writings are posted in MS Word format so that you may read on-line or save to your own computer to read later or print out. We indicate the length and nature of each story. (All PG13).

Grand Opening

Laugh with the beginnings in February 2002. Here we discover haggis, orc/elf drinking contests, a talking Warg, Ekla's Balrog cousin, strange poetry, and assorted other mayhem. Fanciful and farce-iful, this is how it all began.

Date: February 2002 - Length: 103 pages

The Orc Hunt

The patrons of the Burping Troll head out on a trophy hunt, Celebsul becomes the center of attention, and we learn the restorative properties of Cherry B. Take nothing seriously, and we are not responsible for spewage on computer screens.

Date: March 2002 - Length: 50 pages

The Jabberwok

All manner of fun and adventure, including an encounter with a jabberwok mother and baby. Where epic meets the absurd.

Date: March 202 - Length: 116 pages

Beneath the Burping Troll

Follow the treasure map to find what lies beneath The Burping Troll. Also known as, never trust an elf with a magic wand. Riddles, ale cookies, a giant talking spider, a wee faery named Irish, and a crystal cave with an unexpected mystery from ages long past - and answers to more than riddles are found. Fun, fantasy - and a little to think about.

Date: April 2002 - Length: 85 pages

Off to Mordor

We find out exactly where that pit the orcs dug leads. The return of the Jabberwock, orcs as allies, Nazgirls, and the black dungeons of Angbad - and did you ever wonder what became of the Mouth of Sauron? Plus a wizard checks in and an Elf makes peace with ghosts of the past. Our last foray into the incongruous which ends in deep matters of the heart.

Date: May 2002 - Length: 218 pages

Rock a Bye Baby

Azaelia's Baby Shower. The Burping Troll celebrates the impending arrival of a baby elf as only the Burping Troll can. A light-hearted salute to the real-life birth of a child to one of our writers.

Date: June 2002 - Length: 92 pages

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