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Holidays and Festivities


The Night Before Yule

On the eve of Yule, Erin the Hobbit makes a final inspection of the inn's preparedness for the morning. The season brings back memories of her childhood home far away in the Shire ~ By ErinRua

Date: December 2005 - Length: 3 pages

Yule Haiku
by Antoinette
Holly and pine cones
Bright light from many candles
Mistletoe berries
The winter solstice
Twisted branches of red and green
Casting light on all
Pale light lingering
Spices in wild profusion
Cups of hypocras
Fire, earth, air, water
Darkness descending on earth
Bittersweet memories

The Spirit of Yule

If the Spirit of Yule were to visit Middle Earth, like Dicken's Ghost of Christmas Present, who would he be and where would he go? Maximum vignette length 1000 words.

Date: December 2003 - Length: 17 pages ~ 8 Vignettes ~ Authors: Various

Yule Tale

The year-end brings gifts and memories of the past to Sevilodorf of Rohan. But memories are not all sad, and she shares the tradition of Wassail with the rest of the Burping Troll residents and regulars. ~ By Sevilodorf

Date: December 2002 - Length: 8 pages

Winter Wonderland

An unexpected snowfall in northern Ithilien has the young elves in high spirits. In fact, it is a novel opportunity for much mischief. ~ By Nellas

Date: December 2002 - Length: 4 pages

Winter Wonderland II - The Spirit of Yule

Two victims of the snow frolics are up to their own kind of mischief. The younger elves embark on a secretive search for the magical Spirit of Yule, who it is said will grant wishes to those lucky enough to find her. Much humor and mirth, and several sooty elves. ~ By Celebsul

Date: December 2002 - Length: 5 pages

Of Hypocras and Hobbit Worries

The Yule celebrations are well underway. Gilraen and Rilith are up to some creative mayhem involving elves, a kitchen, and a recipe for spiced wine. The hobbits may not be amused ... Fun and frolic from two of our younger writers. ~ By Gilraen and Rilith

Date: December 2002 - Length: 9 pages

Gifts, Mistletoe and Mischief

A romp in the snow and some mistletoe, a moment of winter frolic for the hobbits Milo and Camellia. ~ By Camellia

Date: December 2002 - Length: 3 pages

Auld Lang Syne

Yuletide is here, as Anardil the former Ranger comes seeking peace with the past, reunion with lost friends, and finds unexpected hope for the future. ~ By Erin

Date: December 2002 - Length: 17 pages

Auld Lang Syne II

Yule marks the passing of the old year and the dawning of the new, as Anardil and Sev turn from shadows of the past to face the future together. ~ By Erin and Sevilodorf

Date: December 2002 - Length: 10 pages

Orc Gifts

Yule celebrations continue, and this night's festivities are crowned by the arrival of Gubbitch and his fellow rehabilitated orcs. Even as Gubbitch and his "lads" are not what they seem, equally unexpected are the gifts they bear. ~ By Celebsul

Date: December 2002 - Length: 3 pages

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