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Fun stuff, riddles, the miscellanea of our minds, or what happens when writers find a little too much free time between Middle-earth adventures. Come, smile and laugh with us!

Our writings are posted in MS Word format so that you may read on-line or save to your own computer to read later or print out.

Psychodiagnostic Evaluation
Consultation Request:
Patient Name: Eowyn, Lady.
DOB: ??/??/2995.
Date of Admission: 3/15/3019.
Date of Consult Request: 3/23/3019.

Reason for Admission: complex radial/ulnar fracture.
Room: the one with the window that fails to open upon the east.
Requesting physician: Healing, Warden of the Houses of.
Reason for Consultation: questionable mood disorder, please advise.
(By Sillimarilli)

Play Gubbitch at Evens

A Flash game ~ One of the variations of Evens, as described in the adventure, Obsidian. (See just the extract). Please note, this is a variation, so read the rules carefully when you open the game. And for those of you who don't know Gubbitch, he's an ancient and friendly orc who speaks in a dialect uncannily similar to that of Yorkshire, UK ~ August 2005.

Guide to the Common Muse

Rilith's very uncommon collection of advice on how to keep your muse happy, healthy and fully functional ~ April 2005.

The Burping Troll Adventurers' Third Anniversary

The Burping Troll Adventurers' third anniversary (leather) haiku ~ February 2004.

The Burping Troll Site's Second Anniversary

The Burping Troll Website's second anniversary (cotton) haiku ~ October 13, 2004.

Athelas - www.wanderingfirepottery.com

If You Give ~

Laura Numeroff wrote the book "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie", and Iridia of fanfiction.net took a similar theme with "If You Give a Hobbit a Mushroom". Here are the Burping Troll interpretations.

Tolkien Riddles 2004

A few more Lord of the Rings riddles to get you scratching your head - including a couple from Unfinished Tales.

Riddles of the Burping Troll

Match your wits with the Adventurers. Over forty Tolkien-based riddles to solve.

Council of the Burping Troll

Pippin's hilarious parody of the Council of Elrond. ~ Note: This was written as a tongue-in-cheek response to an enforced exile from our old home on the Netscape LOTR boards, due to mysterious evil electronic forces obviously allied against us ...

The Netscape Treasure Hunt

The cast of the LOTR film set out on a 'mission impossible' to reclaim the fans' missing messages from Netscape and repost them at the kidnapped message board where the refugee fans are holding out.

Aerio's Birthday Bash

Aerio's birthday celebration, secretly planned by Nellas. From treasure-hunt riddles to Nazgirls - well, it IS a party for an elf!

Fifty Ways

Fifty ways to know if you're addicted to the BT - humorous laments from the authors.

Celebsul's Celeb-ration

The ancient elf may want to keep his birthday secret, or maybe he has just forgotten when it is. However, this does not stop the members of the Troll from throwing him a birthday party anyhow, embracing yet another excuse for fun and a chance to bring out a crate of Cherry-B.

Letters to Celebsul

Birthday letters to Celebsul - you'll be surprised who sent greetings!

Have You Ever?

Rilith's poem in celebration of the Burping Troll adventures.

Yuletide Carols

Carols and Middle Earth collide in these light-hearted parodies of well-loved seasonal songs.

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