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Links to the very best Tolkien resources and fiction sites:

The Hobbit Movies - An Unexpected Journey was released in December 2012. Part 2, The Desolation of Smaug, appeared in 2013, and Part 3, There and Back Again, is due in 2014.

Lord of the Rings movie website. ~ It's all their fault ... they got us started at their message board!

The One Ring.net ~ TORN prides itself in being first with all the breaking movie news and rumors, movie trailers, articles, plus picture gallery, fan section, etc., etc., and etc.

Fan Fiction.net ~ On-line Fan Fiction Archive - The Lord of the Rings section. THIS is where to go if you have your own LOTR stories that you wish to publish on the Internet! It is entirely free, you upload and maintain your stories yourself, and there is a very large readership. All you have to do is Register and open a free account.


Tolkiens-Welt ~ German Tolkien Website with current Tolkien-related news, exploration of Tolkiens world, book reviews, Hobbit news and a forum.

Henneth Annun Story Archives ~ An enormous gathering of possibly the best Lord of the Rings fan fiction on the Net.

The Barrow Downs ~ Fascinating Tolkien site with much info, articles, fan fiction, name-generator, and more.

The Encyclopedia of Arda ~ An immense, comprehensive online encyclopedia of all things and creatures of Middle Earth. Answers countless "what was ...?" "who was...?" and "where was...?" questions.

The Tolkien Music List ~ Provides an exhaustive discography of musical works inspired by or referential to the fictional writings of J.R.R. Tolkien

Lord of the Rings Fanatics Network ~ Filled with fantastic material; share in their passion for Middle-Earth.

LOTRfanclub Scrapbook ~ Has everything from poetry and stories to songs, galleries and essays.

Planet Tolkien ~ The UK's leading resource for Tolkien related information and Lord of the Rings movie news.

War of the Ring ~ A compedium of LOTR information, news, chat, galleries.

The Council of Elrond ~ A rapidly growing Lord of the Rings news and information resource.

Tolkienion ~ An increasing collection of LOTR resources.

TolkienMovies.com ~ A leading source for LOTR movie news, pics, rumors, and more.

The One Ring ~ News, stories, pictures, and more.

Lord of the Rings: A Visual Journey ~ Our Erin's collection of the best photo images from The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings and The Two Towers movie productions, plus selected Tolkien verse, site links, and character sketches derived from the books.

Lord of the Ring Posters ~ Fabulous posters from The Lord of the Rings films at GB Posters.

The Hobbit Posters ~ Large range of posters from The Hobbit films at GB Posters.

LOTR and The Hobbit Costumes and Accessories ~ Look like your favorite character.


Tolkien’s Languages in LOTR ~ Here find analysis and translations of Elvish and other dialogue in the Movie. A good place for writers to pick up phrases in Elvish!

Ardalambion ~ THE scholar's website for study of all of Tolkien's languages. Some links include word lists, useful for writers.

Quenya- English Dictionary ~ A list of many Quenya Elvish words and their English translations.


Scifi Matter ~ SciFi and Fantasy Search Engine.

Dragon's Library ~ Dedicated to science fiction and fantasy original and fan fiction.

Quantum Muse ~ Posting the finest in sci-fi, fantasy and alternative writing and artwork. For free. In our sober moments...

SeekOn ~ Online fiction

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