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Character Histories

Gilraen's History

Gilraen the Elf was ever a restless spirit. Her curiosity for the wide world carried her far from the eves of Mirkwood to make some unlikely friendships - including hobbits.

Date: January 2003 - Length: 60 pages - Classification: Drama / Character History

Sevilodorf's Story

Sev of Rohan is a healer woman, but her craft was painfully learned and at great personal cost. Follow the darkening days of the Riddermark through her eyes, and see the long struggle of the Rohirrim as years pass and rumours of war spread throughout the land.

Date: December 2002 - Length: 148 pages - Classification: Drama / Character History

Pippin's Past

Tragedy and dark secrets mar the past of Pippin the elf. This is the tale of her journey from darkness to new beginnnings at the Burping Troll. A short story by another of our younger writers.

Date: December 2002 - Length: 20 pages - Classification: Drama / Character History

His Mortal Wife
Long ago, an elvish wanderer met a mortal lass, sweet Rowan who walked the hills of Tolfalas alone, hearing the voices of trees and seeing beauty in all things. Here, then, is a poetic and poignant tale from Celebsul's past.

Date: September 2002 - Length: 10 pages - Classification: Romance

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