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So who are these folks, such as those dark fellows in the corner, the woman yonder with the sword, or the merry little hobbit tempting smiles from even the grimmest face with plates of warm cookies?

Come ~ Meet the Burping Troll Adventurers!

Notes on the pronunciation of names - by SilliMarilli

We begin with the main or primary characters. These will usually be the "starring" figures in our stories.

Aerio - male, "young" Elf warrior. 168 years old or so. Tall, muscular, long blonde hair, blue eyes. Uses saber, bow and knife. Very gymnastic. Likes to smirk and to count and do high level mathematical problems. Knows a lot about everything, or thinks he does. Has adopted Celebsul as his Master. Eager and extremely confident.
Anardil - male, former Ranger. Tall, 40-ish, dark hair, grey eyes, left arm missing below the shoulder. Father Cirion, mother unnamed, three unnamed elder sisters in the North. Old friend of Halbarad, Bob, Elros and Anoriath, served with them off and on in the North and during the War of the Ring. Lost his left arm in the final battle at the Black Gates, and spent recovery time in Minas Tirith's Houses of Healing. There he left the Rangers, but now works in covert service to King Elessar. Formerly lived in Pelargir, home base now The Burping Troll and the newly-settled village of Henneth Annun. Allied with healer/traderwoman, Sev.
Anoriath - female human, 37 yo, Ranger formerly of the North, now serving under Faramir's command. Short, spiky, dark hair with braided "tail" on one side. Blue-grey eyes. Fiercely devoted sister to Ranger, Halbarad. Carries sword of elven-design, made of light mithril to suit her narrow frame. Carries a balanced throwing knife in her boot, owns crossbow from raiders who attacked the Troll. A very private person who is slow to reveal herself or reach out for help. Hot and quick tempered. Into politics/warfare/strategy. Was commanding Rangers assigned to Lake Nurnen resettlement community, assisting the freed slaves. Withdrawn from this assignment by her captain and brother after she was severely injured by raider leader Parcus.
Azaelia - female, clumsy Elf. Uses bow. Mother to baby elf Tigerlily. Husband Brillamen is part of the border guard in Ithilien, now resides in new home elves built behind the Burping Troll.
Camellia Took - female, hobbit, carries Elf-blade, blond hair, dark blue eyes, taller than most hobbits. Cousin of Frodo Baggins. Peacemaker, but will fight if necessary. Optimist with a good sense of humor, loves dancing, song and a good joke or riddle. Fears lightening. Hopelessly in love with and happily engaged to Milo Burfoot, wedding set for the Spring.
Celebsul - male, Elf warrior. Contemporary of Feanor. Braided silver hair. Sword and knife. Carpenter and JOAT at the Burping Troll. Artistic. Friendly to all races. Drinks favorite wine Cherry-B to "excess." Finder of treasure maps and magic wands. His craftsmanship in wood is widely recognized. Mentor/teacher to Aerio and Gambesul.
Deby ~ aka Elanna - female, half Elf, half-Human, 20 yrs. Five foot two with long black/brown hair and blue eyes. Younger half-sister to Ranger Bob, formerly of the North. Is now a Ranger herself, serving with brother under Faramir's command. Deby changed to her elvish name, Elanna, after trauma of being prisoner of the raider Parcus in Nurn. Proficient with bow and sword. Father a Ranger, mother an Elf who was disowned because of alliance with human. Both parents dead. Knows nothing about the Elven side of her family. Has pledged herself to Halbarad.
Erin Atwater - female, hobbit. Sword. Blue eyes, dark blond curls. Scared of spiders. Good-hearted but peppery-tongued when upset. Left the Shire with Meri a few months after the War of the Ring ended. Father and brother fell at the Battle of Bywater, mother passed of illness. Owns smallish, fat red horse, Caranoch. Special friends with the Elf, Esgallyg.
Gambesul - younger male Elf, wood craftsman, from Mirkwood, silver hair, muscular, specializes in bows and arrows. Staying at Burping Troll as apprentice to Celebsul, friends with Aerio.
Gilraen - female elf from Mirkwood, close friend of Erin's, Legolas's second cousin by marriage. Grey eyes/blonde ringlets down to her waist. Tall, slim. Usually wears her green cloak with hood. Bow, sword. Has a brother called Eldonir who often travels with Legolas, and has worked with him in Ithilien. Can get rather moody at times of stress, at which time it is usually best to leave her alone. (Character has been retired.)
Halbarad - male, Ranger. Tall, black hair, hazel blue/green eyes. Captain of Rangers formerly of the North, now under Faramir's command, comrade-in-arms to Elros and Bob. He is definitely the leader of the three, primarily by virtue of being a natural leader. Friend of Bob & Deby/Elanna's family for years. Three years older than sister Anoriath. Loves his sister fiercely but doesn't always understand her. Has a temper but slower-burning than Anoriath's. Is promised to Deby/Elanna. (Not to be confused with Aragorn's friend by same name in LOTR, who died in battle.)
Meri Brandybuck - female, hobbit. Dark blonde curls that go golden in the summer. Green eyes and round cheeked. Has a small sword. Skilled in the domestic arts; sews, loves to cook, clean and solve riddles. Came to the Troll with Erin: young widow who lost husband and child. Laughs and teases, tender hearted with a mothering streak. Occasionally gets angry and steps in to take charge. Keeps The Burping Troll clean by bribing Elves to clean for toffee nuts. Always prepared with supplies in her extremely large and heavy pack. Special friends with the Elf, Dimereg.
Milo Burfoot - Male, hobbit, friendly, very muscular good-looking hobbit with short brown hair and green eyes, slim for a hobbit. Crossbow and a shortsword (longsword to him). Was a lady's man, is now engaged and totally devoted to Camellia Took. Entrepreneur/always looking for the edge.
Nellas - Young elf maiden who lived in Mirkwood. Tall with long brown hair and green eyes. Preferred weapons are bow and long-sword. Loves poetry, music, dance, cooking, and art. Has a need of independence and loves to 'explore'. Is a distant relation to Azaelia's husband. Came to the Burping Troll with Azaelia's in-laws.
Pippin - AKA Airekalil, Pennamriein, Pip, Kallie - Female, Elf, tall with blue-green eyes and red hair. Uses bow, knife and Elvish sword. Has an older twin brother Amanthoron. Had a younger brother Aranna, who was killed in Angbad by the Mouth of Sauron. Pippin and Amanthoron escaped Angbad, but Pippin was blamed for Aranna's death, as she was thought to have become a thrall. Left her home and family on the edges of Mirkwood to finally end up at The Burping Troll. Does not like remembering her past, and would prefer to avoid (and hide) it. Enjoys baking her famous Ale Cookies. She also will "stoop" to clean for toffees when she can't find where they're hidden. Is special friends with the Elf, Carcharien.
Rilith - Elf shield-maiden. Battled with her Elven people on the borders of Mirkwood against the armies of Sauron in the last Battle. Long auburn hair, and green eyes. Weapons, bow and sword. Prefers warrior's leggings and tunic, hates to wear robes, however will do on special occasions. She mainly keeps herself to herself. Is fiercely loyal, but likes to remain guarded and solitary. Loves to write poetry and sing songs when no else is listening, and speaks to trees even if they're not Ents. Knows Legolas and was in service to King Thranduil, but left his service after the War.
Russ - Male, one of the first descendants of Beorn (of "The Hobbit") known collectively as Beornings. Beornings are "skin-changers", humans with the ability to take the shape of a bear. Fights with staff or axe in human form, generally changing into the shape of a large bear and fighting as such when possible. Is able to speak to "his" animals, does not eat meat and generally tries to live with the land instead of off of it. Reclusive, gruff and suspicious of strangers. Not prone to welcoming visitors, but not entirely opposed to them either. Just be sure to watch your manners! Has chosen to leave the Vales of the Anduin, his former home, to help in the restoration and protection of the areas of Middle earth that were damaged during the War of The Ring. Did not participate in the principal battles i.e. Pelennor Fields, Helms Deep etc., preferring instead to remain in the north and fight the orcs and other servants of The Enemy in that region. Notably the Mirkwood and Misty Mountain areas. Has come to this part of Middle Earth to build his lodge and establish his farm out on the edge of the Wetwang.
Sevilodorf - aka Sevi, Sevil, Sev - Female, Human from Rohan, no close kin, left after loss of husband and son in War of the Ring. Rubenesque, with dark brown hair with gray streaks, deep blue eyes. Wields knives, if necessary but would rather talk her way out of problems, or throw something. Owns the patents on the only working hangover remedy in Middle Earth and six different flavors of Pony Biscuits. Traveling pharmaceutical salesperson and purveyor of healing remedies. Terrible singer. Part time poet and composer. Allied with ex-Ranger, Anardil.
Warg - aka "Wargy" - female, warg. Furry w/ large teeth. Reverted to wolf behavior with nearly human intelligence after Sauron was vanquished. Singer/composer. Likes to tease and give slobber kisses. Ferocious fighter, intensely loyal to friends. Cleans up the leftovers at the Burping Troll.

Now to the secondary characters, those who tend to be written as and if they are needed, but who do make return appearances.

Anbarad - [AKA Long Tower] male, Elf, one of six Elven "brothers" who remain together since the loss of their families in war: a widower. Weapons, bow, knife, sword. By blood is big brother to Carcharien, an extraverted wit under relaxed circumstances, but otherwise has intense emotions, fiercely loyal, has a serious side as well, highly identified with Elvish culture and history. Often speaks in Elvish, sometimes does this to take advantage of the non-Elvish speakers. What they don't know is that he is making teasing/facetious asides that Dimereg cleans up when translating.
Balrog - male, fire spirit, capable of speach and independent thought after downfall of Sauron. Shy, easily startled, use to spend lots of time hiding in out-house of Burping Troll. Now serving as Bartender. Runt specimen of his species, only 8ft tall. Occasionally must be relit.
Belegalda - [AKA Mighty Foot] male, elf, one of six Elf "brothers". Youngest of the 6, brother by blood to Firnelin. Contrary to his name he is shy, sweet, unassertive, more of a healer temperament. He is reserved but can be surpassingly fierce if those he loves are threatened. Recently completed studies with healers in Mirkwood and at Minas Tirith's Houses of Healing to become a more accomplished healer, himself.
Bob - male, human, Ranger. Tall, black hair, grey eyes. Trained in sword, bow, knife. Older brother to Deby. Would do anything to protect his sister but still treats her like a little sister. Has become drinking buddies with Celebsul. Real name: Luicious. Friends since childhood with Halbarad, joined Rangers together. Has a good heart but often has his foot in his mouth; fancies himself a bit of a ladies' man. Not a deep thinker by choice, but surprises his friends every now and then. Bob, Halbarad and Elros are like the three musketeers; he is starting to be friends with Anoriath.
Carcharien - [AKA Sunny Tooth] male, Elf, one of six Elf "brothers". Little brother by blood to Anbarad, constant rivalry with and love/admiration for him. They both loved the same she-elf, but Anbarad married her. More reserved and pensive but willing accomplice to Anbarad's playfulness. Emotionally and physically (back/arms) scarred from torture during imprisonment by the Enemy, and his feelings of intense shame occasionally conflict with pride and strong stubbornness. Under battle-stress he can get paranoid, seeing in others' weaknesses a possibility of betrayal none may exist. Best word that captures him: conflicted. Special friends with the elf, Pippin.
Dimereg - [AKA Gloomy Thorn] male, Elf, one of six Elf "brothers". Special friends with the hobbit, Meri. Blue eyes. Oldest of the elven "brothers", he leads them, though more of a collaborative approach. He trained the younger elves in the ways of hunting and battle. Was "a family man" before the 6 were left on their own. Despite being decisive and tough-minded he's really a softy, loves being "babied" and can be reduced to a big "putty tat" when the recipient of a nurturing gesture. Misses hearth and home the most keenly, hence his attraction to Meri with her cookies.
Eegah - female, hobbit, usually quiet, but would talk for hours when provoked. Real name was Donnamira Gamwich, originally from Haysend, though she did not tell anyone. Was learning the great skills of cooking from Meri and Erin. Went on Mirkwood adventure, and stayed there to visit the elves. (Character has been retired.)
Eldonir - male, Elf. Gilraen's brother. He is tall, with long blonde hair, which is straight. Often travels with Legolas, but he gets homesick. Very close relationship with his sister, and was once in love with Rilith. Forgetful, but wise. Romantic, and loyal to his king. Sensible, but rebellious at times. Has a terribly annoying sense of humour. (Character has been retired.)
Elros - male, Ranger formerly of the North but now under Faramir's command. Named after Elrond's brother. Tall, dark brown hair, blue eyes. Comrade-in-arms to Bob and Halbarad. Friend of Bob and Halbarad's since he joined the Rangers. Steady and dependable, he's the anchor of the three, and likes and respects Anoriath. Doesn't always say much but doesn't miss a thing. Doesn't get in the middle of his friend's affairs unless he feels its absolutely necessary.
Esgallyg - [AKA Hiding Snake] male, Elf, one of six Elf "brothers". Special friends with hobbit, Erin. Second in command, would have liked to have been a lore-master, but necessity changed the direction of his life. Has an artistic side, makes small things and enjoys giving them as gifts. Plays multiple instruments though he hasn't touched one (with one or two exceptions) in an age or more. Does not have a gift for poetry, though fervently wishes he did, and his heart is greatly moved by words.
Firnelin - [AKA The Star that will not be Lost] male, Elf, one of six Elf "brothers". Brother by blood to Belegalda. Takes pride in his brother's healing skills but sometimes worries about Belegalda's shy, easy-going personality in dangerous situations. Firnelin is the hunter of the group, lives for the moment, adrenaline-junkie. Feels most alive when tracking something, goes into major withdrawal if he doesn't get the regular chance to track/hunt something, anything. Can sing a merry song when the mood strikes him, but gets impatient with the longer more cerebral epics that Esgallyg loves.
Gubbitch - male orc, formerly part of Sauron's army but is leader of a tiny reclusive band of orcs who, after Sauron's demise, regained a spark of "humanity." Celebsul's cribbage partner. Speaks with a heavy Yorkshire-type accent. Has become friendly with most of the BT regulars but still shocks unexpecting guests, especially if he brings along any of his "lads."

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