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Short Stories from the Burping Troll in Middle Earth

Halbarad and his wife, Elanna, enjoy a romantic tryst in the hayloft ... that is, until a sound outside the barn gives warning of an imminent interruption ~ by Deby

Date: December 2007 - Length: 3 pages - Classification: Romance

Ice and Fire
The early onset of spring is interrupted by a cold spell, bringing snow and ice. Returning to the inn during the small hours of morning, one of the resident rangers seeks warmth, and finds fire ~ by Deby

Date: March 2006 - Length: 4 pages - Classification: Romance

Fool's Hope
When all the evidence suggests that their friend, Anardil, is dead (see Adventures ~ Southern Exposure) Captain Halbarad tries to be realistic, but his wife, Elanna, clings on to hope. The couple struggle to reconcile their different ways of coping ~ by Deby.

Date: February 2006 - Length: 12 pages - Classification: Drama

Pleasures of the Morn
After their wedding, the Ranger captain, Halbarad, and his Ranger wife, Elanna, establish an enjoyable morning routine ~ by Sillimarilli.

Date: November 2005 - Length: 2 pages - Classification: Romance

Synne - A Bard's Tale
Synne's husband swore that he would one day take her away from the White City to travel through Middle-earth, so that everyone could enjoy the beauty of her singing. Dúlinn, he called her - and perhaps, like a nightingale, she would remain in shadow ~ by Rilith.

Date: October 2005 - Length: 57 pages - Classification: Drama

Written in response to the Real Life Aerio disappearing during Hurricane Katrina. Thankfully he checked in five days after the storm hit his town, and is now safe and has a place to stay. However, there was a lot of worrying as we waited for him. Our hearts go out to those who were not as blessed ~ by Pippin.

Date: September 2005 - Length: 2 pages - Classification: Drama

The Serpent's Lure
Upon the Pelennor Fields, new grown grass covers the remnants of the great battle: splintered spears and shattered swords, and perhaps, something more. A Fourth Age Tale with original characters ~ Novella by Sevilodorf.

Date: July 2004 - Length: 100 pages - Classification: Mystery / Suspense

Of Wine, Regrets and Rangers
A glimpse of the Rangers of The Burping Troll during an evening of comradely pondering, and an elf dispenses wisdom ~ by Erin Rua.

Date: May 2004 - Length: 6 pages - Classification: Drama / Humour

Perchance to Dream
After the death of Sevilodorf's cherished horse, Dream, the Rohirrim woman struggles to keep all her ghosts hidden, fearing that the past may blight her relationship with Anardil, the ex-Ranger. (Set just after Adventure 14: Obsidian) ~ by Sevilodorf, Erin Rua and Celebsul.

Date: April 2004 - Length: 17 pages - Classification: Drama / Romance

A Moment Apart
Being a collection of short tales, in which the smaller moments in life reveal their treaures.
(Set during Adventure 14: Obsidian) ~ by Sevilodorf, Erin Rua, Celebsul and Deby.

A Moment Apart
Sevilodorf and her beloved Anardil spend some time together in a small glade in early spring.
The Spice of Friendship
The hobbits and a Haradrim guest concoct a special feast, in which friendship is the main course.
Apples for the Ranger
Sev repays a debt, a Ranger says the right thing and bread is baked.
Full Circle
Anardil and the Warg contemplate family and favors.

Dates: February - April 2004 - Length: 5 -13 pages - Classifications: Romance / Drama / Humor

Remnants of Discord
The tale of how a balrog came to be the bartender at The Burping Troll Inn. Servant of Morgoth, the creature had abandoned hope after the Valar exiled his master from the world. Was it possible to return from darkness to sunlight, from silence to the Great Music? ~ By Sevilodorf

Date: March 2004 - Length: 7 pages - Classification: Drama

  Mithril Semi-Finalist 2004: Best story focusing on other races

Elanna wakes early on July 6th, an anniversary that she wishes to honor. One year ago, her world changed forever. Now, beneath alien blossoms, she reminisces with Celebsul about the man who changed worlds ~ by Deby
(Set one year after Adventure 1 - The Mysterious Stranger)

Date: July 2003 - Length: 5 pages - Classification: Drama

The Passing of the Elven Rings
As autumn comes to northern Ithilien the elves of the Burping Troll sense the passing of the Elven Rings into the West... A thoughtful look at the ending of an age. ~ By Celebul, Gilraen, Rilith, Erin and Meri
(Set shortly after Journey 6 - The Shadow's Fall)

Date: February 2003 - Length: 17 pages - Classification: Drama

Anoriath's Room

The stoic and stubborn Lady Ranger, Anoriath, has long made the barn loft her chosen place of refuge, but Meri the Hobbit is not pleased. As winter draws near the clever lass comes up with a cunning plan to move Anoriath indoors to a proper room. ~ By Meri
(Set one month after Journey 6 - The Shadow's Fall.)

Date: February 2003 - Length: 12 pages - Classification: Drama / Humor

Hunt for Common Ground
The elves Rilith and Pippin have never got on too well, but can an exasperated hobbit, a young elf-maiden, and a short hunting trip do them any good? Bridges are to be built and memories re-surface as three elves go hunting for common ground. A story from our young writers. ~ By Rilith, Pippin and Gilraen

Date: February 2003 - Length: 32 pages - Classification: Drama

The Highwayman
Englebert is a bold, brash highwayman a bit down on his luck. When he choses the Burping Troll as his next conquest, things don't really go quite as planned ... ~ By Erin

Date: November 2002 - Length: 11 pages - Classification: Humor

Rilith goes to Rohan

The elf, Rilith is resolved to follow family tradition; to find a wild stallion in Rohan to replace the beloved horse that she recently lost in battle. A short story by one of our younger writers. ~ By Rilith
(Set after Journey 3 - Return to Mirkwood.)

Date: November 2002 - Length: 6 pages - Classification: Adventure

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