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Among the many talents of our group is a surprising amount of artistry with pencils, paint and other media. Here we would like to share with you the fruits of our artisans' labors. Do enjoy, and if you like what you see, please leave a note in our Guest Book.

Note: These works are copyrighted by the artists, so please do not use anywhere else. Contact us with any questions.

Click on the thumbnails to see larger images in a separate window.

Aerio won't have his picture made Aerio hides from the camera Aerio's depiction of Erin the Hobbit and Wargy Erin the hobbit and Wargy Aerio the artist's rendition of Aerio the elf Aerio the Elf Russbeorn Russbeorn, by Aerio

Halbarad and Elanna Halbarad/Elanna, by Aerio Aerio's dragon Dragon, by Aerio Illustration for Deby's short story, 'Jerusalem'. For Deby's short story, 'Jerusalem', by Aerio Peter Jackson and J. R. R. Tolkien - the two masters Two masters, by Aerio

Aerio's portrait of the character, Sevilodorf Sevilodorf, by Aerio Aerio's illustration of the character, Rilith the elf Rilith the elf, by Aerio Random elf sketch by Aerio Aerio's Random Elf Another random elf by Aerio Random Elf #2

Multi-media depiction of The White Tree in bloom, by Sillimarilli White Tree, by Sillimarilli Silli's rendering of the family crest of Sevilodorf of Rohan
Family crest of Sev of Rohan, by Silli
Silli's Gondorian Needlepoint Needlepoint of Gondorian banner, by Sillimarilli Ben's rendering of an elven sword Elven sword, by Ben

Coralie's Gandalf portrait Gandalf, by Coralie Coralie's Aragorn portrait Aragorn, by Coralie

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