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Welcome. These are the Adventures of the Burping Troll. Here be monsters and things of wonder, battles and friendships, heartache and triumph, and throughout it all we traverse the wonder that is Middle Earth. Do join us in our many travels ~ the way is often perilous, but the journey's end is worth the risk. And you never know who you may meet along the way ... A Note about The Burping Troll Adventurers

Major new adventure ~ November 2008 ~ What Hope Remains

Our writings are posted in MS Word format so that you may read on-line or save to your own computer to read later or print out. We indicate the length and nature of each story. (All PG13).

The Mysterious Stranger
Adventure 1: A turning point in our adventures, as a mysterious stranger comes to the Inn of the Burping Troll. Dark and grim, he is not what he seems - and peril rides close behind. Night in the far reaches of Ithilien becomes fraught with battle and grief, as the Rangers and folk of the Burping Troll must stand beside the forbidding newcomer against invaders from a distant land. - Dedicated to the memory of Justin Mateo.

Date: June 2002 - Length: 282 pages - Classification: Adventure

Much Ado About Nothing
Adventure 2: The Burping Troll stages a production of "The Hobbit, the Maid and the King of the Nazgul." However, the 'troop' of actors arrives on a single horse, the Nazgul is played by a balrog, and someone has to convince the orcs that stage-fighting is only pretend. Nor did anyone expect a prince to grace their festivities ... Fun and frolic BT style!

Date: July 2002 - Length: 216 pages - Classification: Humor/Drama

The Journeys Cycle - Introduction
Adventure 3: Setting the stage for the next six tales of the "Journeys" story-arc. From their home in the wilds of Ithilien, the friends of the Burping Troll will find themselves sundered while following several quests. A new Ranger is sworn to duty, construction begins on an elven ship, an urgent message comes from Mirkwood, and a hobbit lass heeds the whispers of her heart. All this and more - a necessary read to fully enjoy the adventures that follow.

Date: August 2002 - Length: 85 pages - Classification: Adventure / Drama

Journey 1- Shadows of Nurn
Adventure 4: Aragorn ceded the lands of Nurn in ancient Mordor to Sauron's former slaves, but now those struggling people are terrorized by a more earthly malice. Who is the traitor among the people of Nurn? A newly-sworn Ranger travels on a secret assignment to find out. Peril awaits and treachery whispers near ... --(Second part found in "Journey 6 - The Shadow's Fall")

Date: August 2002 - Length: 173 pages - Classification: Drama / Adventure

Journey 2 - The Rowan
Adventure 5: The Third Age has passed and the time of the elves is over. Now Celebsul the elf builds a ship and friends fear that he at last hears the call of the Sea. Yet the mystery deepens when with him he takes a rowan sapling, his elvish apprentices, and two mortal friends. Will he return, or do they sail only to bid him a final farewell? A remarkable voyage of the soul. --(May be read as an independent adventure.)

Date: August 2002 - Length: 250 pages - Classification: Adventure / Mystery

Journey 3 - Return to Mirkwood
Adventure 6: Thranduil calls for Legolas to return at once from Ithilien, and with him go many of the elvish friends of the Burping Troll. There they learn that darkness stalks the Dwarves of the Iron Hills, but the evil they face threatens all who once allied themselves with Gondor. An offering by our up-and-coming younger writers. --(May be read as an independent adventure.)

Date: August 2002 - Length: 187 pages - Classification: Adventure

Journey 4 - Journey of the Heart
Adventure 7: Camellia the hobbit has an unexpected suitor - and the suitor has dark designs. Will the friends around be able to keep her safe, or must true love and hobbit courage prevail? --(May be read as an independent adventure. Has ties to "Journey 5 - Turning Points.")

Date: August 2002 - Length: 210 pages - Classification: Drama / Romance

Journey 5 - Turning Points
Adventure 8: On the borders of Ithilien, life at the Burping Troll is seldom ordinary. A gigantic bear man seeks a home on the edge of the Wetwang. Danger again threatens not only Camellia the hobbit's happiness but perhaps her life. The hobbit Meri battles a nightmare that reaches from a haunted past. And the Rangers struggle with the mingled burdens of duty, friendship and love, as shadows draw near.... --(May be read as an independent adventure, but has ties to "Journeys" 1, 4 and 6.)

Date: December 2002 - Length: 395 pages - Classification: Drama / Adventure / Romance

Journey 6 - The Shadow's Fall
Adventure 9: In the lands Aragorn gave to the freed slaves of Nurn, a brutal new master gathers his forces. When one of their own falls prey to the evil gripping Nurn, the friends of the Burping Troll rides for rescue - or revenge. Nor can they wait on Faramir and the White Company … The finale of the Journeys saga, and an end to the Nurn adventure. --(Concludes events begun in "Journey 1 - Shadows of Nurn.")

Date: January 2003 - Length: 463 pages - Classification: Drama / Adventure

But Still I Hope ~ Volume One ~ The Healing
Adventure 10-1: The travails of Nurn over at last, the friends of the Burping Troll rest at home in Ithilien once more. But even in death, evil reaches out and lingers in the mind of the young Ranger who had been its captive. The power of the elves holds her only chance at healing - if she survives. (A major rework of the original short story.)

Date: August 2003 - Length: 126 pages - Classification: Drama

But Still I Hope ~ Volume Two ~ The Time Will Come
Adventure 10-2: Elanna struggles to overcome the last shadows of the past. A red dress and the kindness of hobbits work to further a special Yule treat planned by her betrothed, Halbarad. Will she ever recapture the love she once had for him? Meanwhile, sparring between veteran Rangers Anoriath and Elros takes on undertones that perplex them both.
(A major rework of two Yule Tales ~ 'The Red Dress' and 'Resolution.') Click the following link to listen to an extract of the song from the story Black is the Color ~ played and sung by our SilliMarilli.

Date: August 2003 - Length: 176 pages - Classification: Drama / Romance

A Worthy Companion
Adventure 11: Sev the trader-woman returns to Pelargir, her quest both one of commmerce and matters of the heart. Was the bond between her and the ex-ranger, Anardil, a true one? Two hearts scarred by the losses of war must find answers in unexpected places. The elf, Aerio, accompanies Sev to the ancient port city where he, too, will learn lessons he had not anticipated, and that even beggars may be wise. A story of friendship, discovery, and building bridges of many kinds.

Date: May 2003 - Length: 282 pages - Classification: Drama / Romance

Adventure 12: Though the war is over and shadow vanquished, ancient enmities are not forgotten. Gubbitch and his small group of 'rehabilitated' orcs struggle for their own primitive survival, and the trader-woman Sevilodorf readily agrees to trade goods for the semi-precious stones the orcs have discovered. However, a band of orc-hunters comes to northern Ithilien seeking revenge for their own tragic losses, and Sev is caught in the middle. Once again the folk of the Burping Troll ride to rescue, but the lines of conflict become blurred and nothing is quite what it seems.

Date: March 2003 - Length: 243 pages - Classification: Drama / Adventure

Tinker, Trader, Ranger, Spy
Adventure 13: Anardil, the ex-Ranger, is sent to investigate disturbing events in a dwarvish mining colony in the Ash Mountains, bordering the tribal homelands of Rhūn. His mission is secret, so he poses as a fellow trader with his lady, Sevilodorf. Together they journey past the Black Gates and on into the midst of a feud that has simmered quietly for generations.

Date: September 2003 - Length: 217 pages - Classification: Drama / Adventure

Adventure 14: (Sequel to Bloodstone, but can be read as a stand-alone story.) Orcs are known to be evil, yet a few of that ancient enemy have tried to live in peace since the downfall of Sauron. After the orc-friends of The Burping Troll Inn were attacked by vengeful hunters, it became the sworn task of some of the people caught up in those events to try to win legal rights for orcs: a venture doomed to meet with ridicule and strong, perhaps even violent, opposition.

Date: March 2004 - Length: 360 pages - Classification: Drama / Adventure

  Mithril Semi-Finalist 2004: Best novel/serial ~ and ~ Best Fourth Age or beyond

The Voice of the Ruins
Adventure 15: A brother and sister ride towards The Burping Troll seeking its hospitality, but they are swept from the road by a terrifying thunderstorm. Escaping the mysterious force of ancient ruins hidden in the forest, the twins meet the inn's elves who take them to safety. While the young woman seems shocked and chilled, all else appears well; Azaelia, elven mother of Tigerlily, finds particular reason to welcome the strangers. But the ruins become a source of fascination. For what reason did mortals build this edifice? The elves unearth history, unaware of the true horror that lurks there.

Date: November 2004 - Length: 130 pages - Classification: Mystery / Horror / Drama

Settling Claims
Adventure 16: Sevilodorf of Rohan left her home at the end of the War, determined to flee the shadows of grief and loss. Wandering to Northern Ithilien, she forged a new life amongst the folk of The Burping Troll. However, obligations from the past call her back, drawn by duty and the memories bound in a garnet ring. Her friends, Elanna and Pippin, each driven by their own phantoms, agree to accompany her on a journey whose unexpected turns will test their courage and their hearts. Much will change ere Sev stands again amidst simbelmynė at the barrows of the dead.

Date: December 2004 - Length: 369 pages - Classification: Drama / Adventure

Adventure 17: A pair of related stories ~ the 'prequel', Liquid Ribbons, takes place on February 6th 1422 SR, directly after the marriage of Captain Halbarad and Ranger Elanna. Homecoming is set after Settling Claims, at the end of September 1422 SR.

Liquid Ribbons
Sevilodorf and her partner Anardil take time to relax after the merriment of a wedding.
Date: January 2005 - Length: 18 pages - Classification: Romance / Comedy

Anardil is late returning from his latest assignment in Rhûn. He has yet to learn of Sev's adventures in her homeland, and one or two other 'secrets'.
Date: January 2005 - Length: 64 pages - Classification: Drama / Romance

Adventure 18: The final part of the 'Precious Stones' trilogy, following 'Bloodstone' and 'Obsidian'. Nik, the small uruk-hai befriended by Russbeorn, has sworn to do what no orc has done before: stand and testify to his innocence of murder after killing a man in defense of human life. But will Nik's truth overcome the lies of unscrupulous men? (Can be read as a stand-alone story.)

Date: July 2005 - Length: 353 pages - Classification: Drama / Adventure

  Mithril Awards 2005 WINNER ~ Best Novel/Serial

Southern Exposure: To Live on Hopes
Adventure 19: The ex-Ranger, Anardil, is sent on another secret mission by his king and captain. Yet when he does not return, ill news brings fear that the worst has happened. As time passes, his lady, Sevilodorf, begs permission from the king to search for her beloved. But tensions between Gondor and their neighbors dictate her request must be denied. Thus Sev takes matters into her own hands - embarking on a perilous quest in the mysterious lands of Harad. (NB for more on the enigmatic Ahmose and The Twenty Houses, see The Serpent's Lure.)

Date: December 2005 - Length: 322 pages - Classification: Drama / Adventure

Dunland Bound
Adventure 20: When one of the clans of Dunland seeks advice on herbal lore, it is seen by Gondor and Rohan as a chance to build bridges over old bitterness. The ideal candidates for the mission are close at hand: Anardil and his lady, Sevilodorf. Accompanying them are Aerio the elf, Erin the hobbit and, as translator, Corlissa, granddaughter of Gamling. They expect difficulties in communications, but their confusion deepens dangerously as they wade into the quagmire of sorcery and deceit that Saruman left behind.

Date: February 2007 - Length: 227 pages - Classification: Mystery / Romance

What Hope Remains
Adventure 21: Hope takes many forms: a knot to cling onto, a beacon to follow, the senseless sowing of a barren land. Thus seeds may yet lie dormant in the iciness of a Ranger's heart, or the desert of a Maiar's ruined soul. The merest thaw, the slightest rainfall, and hope will grow, transforming everything it touches. (This story begins during Southern Exposure and incorporates elements from Homecoming and the short story, Fool's Hope.)

Date: November 2008 - Length: 273 pages - Classification: Adventure / Drama

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